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The humble beginnings....

Sherwin Banaag Sapin is the eldest son of Liwayway Banaag-Jessup and Ignacio Peligrina Sapin. He was born on July 24, 1977 in Barangay Mayondon, Municipality of Los Baños, Laguna. He began his formal school in Mayondon Elementary School, where he received the 1st Honorable Mention in Grade-1. Before he graduates, he gave an honor and pride to his school by winning the Silver Medal Award in the 1989 Los Baños Science and Technology Week Drawing Contest for Elementary Level with his very owned title, "The Beginning of Technology by the Year 2000".

Shortly after his departure from elementary, he continued his secondary school (High School) in Los Baños Science School (LBSS, now Colegio de Los Baños). He has had lots of good memorable experiences in that school. One of which is being a Cadet Officer and a member of the School Soccer Varsity Team, where they won both the Los Baños District Meet and the Tri-Meet (LBSS, UPRHS, and CSI) for two consecutive years. Because of this success he was one of the recipients of the Athletic Award that was given during the Graduation Ceremony. Up to now his friends and classmates were still connected and just had their 2nd LBSS Class 1994 Reunion which was held at Anest Tower. Unfortunately, for the past two class reunions he was not be able to participate because of his equally important commitments.

He then continued his studies (College) and pursued Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS) at the Laguna College of Business and Arts (LCBA) in the City of Calamba, Laguna. During his very first semester he had experiences of having arguments (minor fights) with his three former Professors. Afraid of failing and eventually to stop his studies he adjusted himself and focused more on his studies. During the semester break of his 1st year in College he was invited by his friend Charlie O. Miranda to come with him and take the qualifying examinations for the new batch of Student Assistants (SAs). Having the curiosity and ignorance of what is being an SA, he took the examinations and luckily passed and even obtained top 2 in the overall rankings. Because of his performance in the said examinations, he was assigned and designated to the Computer Department and stayed there until he graduates. Being SA, you are entitled for 100% free in the Tuition Fees and Miscellaneous Fees plus a monthly allowance of 400.00 Pesos. During his four-year stay as SA in the Computer Department, he developed good skills in understanding and solving Programming Problems and likewise become a vivid fan of "Programming." As for his alternative source of income, he was accepting and solving some simple programming problems from different College Students from the different schools in Laguna. During his College Graduation Ceremony, he received two awards namely, "Service Award" for being the President of ACCESS (Association of Computer Science and Computer Engineering Students, now Society of Computer Science Students) and "Special Duty Award" for being the President of the 1998 Graduating Class of Computer Science. After his graduation he was recommended by his former Dean, (+) Prof. Salvador L. Valencia to work as a Computer Teacher in the High School Department of LCBA but he refused because he believed that he had enough of four years’ work while studying at the same time.

His first unintended job was in AMA Computer Learning Center - Los Baños Branch (ACLC-Los Baños) where he worked as a Computer Instructor on a contractual basis. He considered this as product of being curios ("uzisero") because he saw a big crowd of people at the lobby of Vega Centre who were quite noisy during that time, trying to submit their CVs (resume') to the representatives of AMACLC. His main goal is to go to UPLB to apply for a Graduate Program but when he noticed those bunch of people, he went there and submitted his CV (lucky for him in bringing his CV). Two days after his submission, he then received a call from ACLC telling him to prepare for a Teaching Demo. He then reported and had his Demo and was complemented by the former School Director that he was highly recommended. After 3 days he again received a call telling him that he was hired. Mr. Sapin worked in ACLC-Los Baños Branch for 3 years and 3 months where he experienced and received different kinds of trainings, workshops, seminars and the likes.

During the last two months of his work in ACLC, he secretly applied in now the Laguna State Polytechnic University-Los Baños Campus (before it was the Laguna State Polytechnic College) for an Instructor Position. He was then hired as Part-Timer Instructor and eventually became a regular-permanent government employee of that state university. Up to this point in time he is still connected and is part of the rapid developments and successes of this once was a state college and now a state university, holding an Academic Rank of Assistant Professor 4 (on the basis of NBC461 7th Cycle Evaluation).

At LSPU-Los Baños he is the designated Chairperson for Curriculum and Instruction Development of the University-Campus and the Coordinator for the Local Government Unit. In 2018, he earned his Doctor of Education (EdD), Major in Educational Management at the Graduate Studies and Applied Research, College of Teacher Education, Laguna State Polytechnic University-Los Baños Campus, Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines.

At present, he is happily married to Joanna Vanessa Ocampo-Sapin, blessed with two lovable children, Reginald Charles and Christian Timothy.


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